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Providing Origin Tenants Support Through Grants

In conjunction with Origin Housing, 38 grants were made  in 2022 supporting the provision of 61 items. Cookers were the most provided item but fridges, washing machines , beds, tables, chairs as well as  soft furnishings were also required.

Washer & Dryer
Portrait of an aged person
Oven Temperature
"We are Ageing Better Together" Project - 2022/23

The aim of this project, which was jointly funded by Friends of Origin Housing, was to reduce social isolation and improve mental and physical wellbeing among both older (over 60 years) and younger (5-17 years) Origin Housing residents in the Somers Town area of Camden in London.
It achieved this by providing a range of activities that brought older and younger people together, encouraging two-way, intergenerational relationships and treating older people not as victims to be helped, but as people who can contribute to their communities. There were 163 beneficiaries from this 12 month Project with volunteers then continuing activities post project due to the value seen and positive feedback received. 

Indoor activities held in Origin Housing’s community hall included craft,sport and health sessions.  In addition day trips to Windsor Castle, Hastings, Margate, Kew Gardens and a Garden Show were provided.

Our response to the Covid-19 pandemic 

As the Covid-19 virus was spreading during March 2020, Origin Housing asked us if there was any way we could help.  As a small, flexible body we were pleased to be able to respond swiftly, by providing grants totalling £30,000 from April to June, to help the housing association's tenants who were most in need.  This support took various forms appropriate to their needs, including Tesco, Sainsburys or Boots vouchers, and food parcels for those self-isolating. At the time, an Origin Housing spokesman expressed his appreciation on behalf of the tenants: "I cannot thank you enough for the generous grant offered to our residents at this time.  Please extend my thanks to everyone at SPH Friends."

Food boxes_edited_edited.jpg

Food boxes provided to Origin tenants

Helping Hannah to tidy up

Hannah's room - before and after

Hannah had a broken chest of drawers in her room for many months, if not years. A grant from Friends of Origin Housing provided her with a new chest of drawers, helping with her storage problems.

Hannah said, "Thank you so much for the chest of drawers. I have now been able to sort out stuff that was everywhere, and I have been able to organise my items into the drawers. It makes my room look much neater, and makes the room feel more homely. Thank you so much!"

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