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Friends of Origin Housing is a charity that helps the tenants of Origin Housing primarily by means of grant funding to meet their most basic needs. 

Imagine for a moment that, although you have a roof over your head, you have no
cooker with which to prepare food, or your fridge just broke down and you don’t have the

money for a new one – or even that you have no bed to sleep on.
Some of the tenants of the social housing provider Origin Housing experience real
financial hardship, and so may not be able to afford these most basic essentials.

Friends of Origin Housing exists to help such tenants, by providing grants for the
purchase of essential household items. Basic as they are, these mak
e a significant

difference to people’s health and wellbeing.

Young and Old Hands

In 2022 , 38  households were assisted with over 60 items including  cookers / fridges /
washing machines / furniture & soft furnishings 

Our charity is wholly volunteer-run, with minimal overheads. You can meet the Trustees
                here 'Our Board
' who form the entire staff of the charity. We gratefully acknowledge the role
of Origin Housing itself in operating the process of grant applications and fulfilment.
You can find a history of our charity here 'Our Story'

Please help us to help Origin Housing tenants who are most in need, by making a
donation 'Donate now'


For historical reasons, the charity is also known as SPH Friends.

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